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Sunset Lamp

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Inspired by the magical blend of hues that wash over the sky during sunset, the Sunset Lamp brings home the mesmerizing beauty of the golden hour into your home. With over 16 colors to choose from and a convenient mobile app for effortless use, you’ll love to change the mood of your home with this gorgeous lamp. Just set it up and the lamp projects a magnificent sunset onto your walls.


Absolutely gorgeous I love everything about this rose.

Emma A.

Special thanks to the RoseLivesLove for sending the enchanted rose to my GF. She and her mom really like it and they're starting to like me now.

Matt k.

So pretty! I got one for myself and one as a gift for my mother, but now I want to keep them both!!

Ava e.

Very beautiful rose! I ordered to check, because I will order more for gifts, and the packaging is excellent. My crush will love it.

Tony C.
GF Lover
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